so when do things just calm down…

Seriously, I need to take some things less seriously. Work has decided to get interesting just as I turned down an offer from another job last week. Well I didn’t really let it get to the offer stage they were recruiting me from multiple recommendations but they want someone who is going to give them more hours than I’ve got to give and make less than I need on the promise of being in on the ground floor and being taken care of after things are up and running.

The problem is that promises don’t pay the mortgage or else mine would be paid off right now. Also there is nothing preventing this highly successful family owned and operated business from waiting until I set things up just so and putting a cousin in my place to run the machine that I build. I’m just not in the mood for that particular challenge at this point in my life.

So I am a tired American right now and when I got home today I neglected to listen to the weather because there was a raging shit storm as soon as I walked in the door. Liza’s job is bleeding over into causing family tension and it is quickly reaching a tipping point. When does the giant accompanying pile of anxiety and work outweigh the ridiculously tiny amount of extra money? Oh, wait… That was last week.

I had a bunch of funny panned for tonight but in the midst of a completely cranky family and after freezing my ass off watching eight nine and ten year old boys practicing under the lights I get the news that I will have to work until around ten tomorrow evening. Fuck me running. Hopefully I will remember some of the funny tomorrow night when I finally get home but no promises.

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