updating updates

In an unprecedented melding of stupidtom fan minds I received a comment and two emails regarding yesterdays post and all three pointed out the subjects possible sexual orientation confusion. I am addressing all three of you here because I figure why waste good writing. This is my blanket statement to all: Sexual orientation is none of my business nor does it excuse bad behavior. As a full fledged lesbian myself I am deeply offended by the inference that my love of the female form could somehow excuse anything I might decide to do. That’s it.

In other testicular news… during a random inspection I have begun to notice some bruising and swelling. The bruising I could do without but the swelling is kind of cool. In college we had a fraternity brother who has to remain nameless but this guy had the biggest balls that I have ever laid eyes on. I was not the only one to marvel at the size of this guys twins. In fact, it became part of his nickname. Anyway I am nowhere near that majestic size but if set up the right array of mirrors and were on all fours I might be reaching mountain goat status. That will be the final nut sack related update for a while unless something major develops.

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