new murse

The girls helped me update my baggage. I carry and have carried a bag to work forever. There is some stuff I just want near me and always have. At one point I carried so much crap that it was hard for me to tote around but I have boiled it down to manageable essentials. Aside from the normal pens, notebook, power cords, batteries, work files, etc., I like to have a couple personal survival items. The normal multiple headache and other pain relief items, a deck of cards, iPod, GPS, camera, gum, you get the idea. The problem from the girls point of view was that everything has been the same shade of ballistic nylon black.

Seriously, before the great crawlspace cleanup of 09 I had eleven different configurations of the same material. I also think the fact that I have become partial to a backpack lately had something to do with pushing me toward a new look. My bag a year pace was also inspired by my cheap side. Out of the afore mentioned bags I paid for exactly two of them. Everything else was some kind of swag of some sort. I loaned one of them to my new boss and he broke it so the new bag we are now talking about was on him.

As I was looking for a new computer purse that I didn’t need the ladies weighed in and I ended up with this


It’s ballistic brown with some kind of neon green interior. So far I have to say I really like it. More comfortable to carry around and a little more normal and natural than the backpack. I like that it can stand up on its own. And I know I really wasn’t, but, speaking of cheap, I need to tell you about those pens. A couple of years ago I got a Mont Blanc pen for being a godfather. Then it was ruthlessly stolen from the place it lived in my former office. I didn’t even carry it around for fear of misplacement. (if that’s not a word screw you! I am currently reliving the loss of a spectacular and irreplaceable gift) I was so sick over the loss of a two hundred dollar gift that I swore I would never own another one even though I loved writing with the dam thing.

To the rescue came the good people at instructables. I love this site and check in about once a week to see what’s doing. Anyway, if you follow that link you can see how to get the beautiful writing without the sticker shock. The only thing I did differently was spend a little more on the two pens and less on a twin pack of the Mont Blanc refills. The pens were just under five bucks each and one was a Dr. Grip (that would be my stage name by the way if I ever joined the professional masturbation league) and the refills were on sale for nine bucks.


I know that’s a bad picture but I do so love the feel of a nine dollar pen that writes like a couple hundred bucks. It’s the little things that give me the most joy. Maybe I’ll dump out my murse this week and show you all of the crap inside.

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