happy what

I had one of those days that started like I was a prisoner on death row. You would have to have come to me bearing a suitcase full of cash to get in close and unharmed. Shit, sorry about that, I just reread that last sentence to see what I was getting at and I confused myself. And what the hell is “have to have”? I think I probably just broke some kind of grammatical commandment. Let me try again: I had a really bad morning where nothing went right and no one escaped unpunished. Then I remembered that this is my week and all became right with the world once again.

I took Wednesday off partially because I had to take the three days I’ve earned by the end of the year and partially because my father-in-law is attempting to ruin my favorite holiday. Normally thanksgiving is completely handled by my brother and sister, me and my group just show up, consume, and leave. This year we are having out own festivities earlier because… Self preservation is preventing me from complaining about the situation and the point is that I took this Wednesday to help out around the house as I turn into Mr. Hyde around nine thirty or so that night.

Black Wednesday our neighborhood guys walk over to the local watering hole to celebrate the season and watch the college kids interact for seven hours or so. It has yet to be anything but entertaining. Then the next morning after too much to drink and not enough sleep we meet for three hours of football that will take me a solid week from which to recover. This weekend there is another party thrown in on Saturday just in case I forgot what one was.

Followed almost too quickly by the neighborhood Christmas party the following Friday. This is a good week to be me. I know I am all over the road with this explanation but hopefully you have been able to keep up. I am now off to pick up my middle child as she is out late due to no school status. I am tired, confused, and happy.

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