Turkey Bowl

I got nothin but luckily my friend Larry took pictures at the annual Turkey Bowl yesterday. I have stiffened up like the tin man today and my only accomplishment was taking the kids to see Blind Side.


Sucking wind early on in the contest. At some point counting to three Mississippi turned into a problem.


A rare unprotected shot at the quarterback.


I believe that is the first ever recorded negative vertical leap as my plant foot is a good two inches below the crust of the earth.


The only thing I know for sure about this shot is that I was trying desperately to slow down and or change direction before someone ends up in the hospital.


I love to assist in a spin move. Its kind of like and enormous and slow ballet performance. The important thing is that my quarterback is getting away safely.

There were a ton of pictures with other people but most of you would not know them or probably give a crap about their athletic prowess. For that matter you probably don’t really give a crap about my lack there of but I really had nothing else to write about. I love my neighborhood for the most part and we do have a good time but I am paying today with interest.

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