a semiusless Sunday

A little party last night to celebrate the partnership, wait I don’t think that’s right, partnerhood. screw it, becoming a partner. It was a classy affair and in keeping with my dressed up status I decided to start and stick with big boy drinks. This was not one of my better days but as far as an overall experience goes it was pretty great. I only had to drive someone somewhere once. I am making little to no sense right now but that too is OK. I am a peaceful lump of goo right now.

I was entertained by a call from the partner at four. He still wasn’t right and he asked me who threw up on the keg. This must have happened after I left but it is funny none the less even a day later. I am smiling because at least I wasn’t “that guy” or girl. Barf knows no gender lines. I think I’ll stretch my second nap into tomorrow morning. worth a try.

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