so I started to explain whilst waiting for a meeting

Explain about my need for a new computer this year but the fear of how bad that post turned out from my phone is preventing me from reading it. I wasn’t whining or begging just stating a fact. We have more kids doing homework than available machines during prime homework time and I am not going to interrupt schoolwork for this nonsense. Also, part of my technological troubles of late are do to the splitting of my stuff between two machines. I am horrible at keeping things synced up and making sure that there are current copies of everything everywhere so a complete data disaster is not big surprise.

I am thinking about something small and not very powerful maybe even one of those little netbooks except I have never tried to type on one. I’ll have to get by a store before I buy anything and test drive different sizes for a while. I don’t need it to run much just surf the net and post some crap all else is wasted on me at this point. A friend at work let me try his macbook pro. My erection wouldn’t allow me to place it in my lap but it was awesome. Unfortunately so is the price. I will get what I can get and it will be fine.

Speaking of work you might be wondering if they don’t give me some sort of lapity topity device for all of my daily ciphering and you would be correct. The problem there is that I refuse to do anything personal on a corporate computer. If you have a friend in corporate IT ask them about the things they know about the employees they are paid to police. Even worse ask about some of the things they find after someone is let go. You would think that wouldn’t be so bad until  the unemployment benefits get shut off due to improper conduct, postmortem.

These are not the times to be screwing around with your employment if its at all avoidable and me conducting my personal biddness on a company computer is something I don’t need to be doing right now. Paranoid? maybe. I’ll talk more about the unpromotion at work after tomorrows second half of the meeting. I gently made my concerns known by flopping them out on the table like a sandbag.

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