The job is what it is

And that’s all I’m going to say about that for a while. I need to be a little more thankful for what I have not what I perceive as going wrong. The bills will continue to get paid and that is a great thing. As I shift in to a holiday mood it becomes easier to let things roll on by. 2010 might suck but I’ve got a lot of fun left in nine and I am in charge of what sucks and what doesn’t.

Case in point I was shopping for some work stuff this afternoon and stumbled upon an awesome Max gift out of nowhere. This one is so perfect and he didn’t ask us for it that it will come from Santa. For those not in the know at our house if you stop believing he stops coming. A simple but effective rule and frankly if one chooses to jump out of the Clause pool that is a personal choice but don’t get upset when everyone else is digging through their loot on Christmas morning.

Speaking of the whole thankful and Christmas thing I got the worst gift ever at work and I had to pretend that it was gold plated.The Brookstone EcoPad Paperless Notepad is the biggest waste of Christmas money that I have ever seen. I wrote a phone number on it to demonstrate how useful it was and now there is a permanent ghost of the number that will not go away no matter how many times I work the high tech plastic slider. It’s like a nonfunctioning etch-a-sketch with a cheap calendar and clock glued to its top covered in wood look vinyl capped off by a pen shaped piece of plastic. I am guessing just shy of sixty cents in parts and labor all in. Now I need to keep this turd on my desk until I can plot its untimely demise. happy freaking holidays.

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