I could easily do that

Yes, you could easily write some nonsense down about your life every day or so but you don’t so shut the fuck up. I rarely delete comments but I have picked up at least one anonymous douche-bag stalker over the years who insists on commenting about how boring this site is. Guilty as charged. Now move along and find someone else to annoy or point me toward something that you do so I might write you some pithy observations.

This is why I could never be a full time critic because I have too much respect for those that just choose to do. I like people who have a burning need to create even if I don’t care for the final product of that urge I still admire the process. Without those that do nothing would get done. If movies, music, television, art, were all done with an eye toward the critic it would all be sadly similar.

I love to draw but I rarely like anything I’ve done fifteen minutes after I finish. I’m not sure exactly what mental affliction that is but it is one of many so I just accept it and confine my urge to doodling during meetings. If I hit the lottery and took care of all of my family’s basic needs with enough money left over so I didn’t HAVE to work I would go back to school and work on the technical aspects of my writing as well as get back in to the pure art side of my own creative need. But then I’d have to start working out as well because in my current physical condition I’m only good for one solid critic beating every couple of days.

And speaking of beating my anonymous friend, I tried to send you an invitation but in a shocking twist of chickenshit the email you posted with was fake as well. I basically sent you a note letting you know that I wouldn’t be allowing any more comments from you but would love to meet you in person some day. I know that you stop by often and I hope that using your own words in the title will make you read and hopefully get in touch with some real contact information.

Until then maybe you could take a brake from your job as a fluffer or whatever creepy profession you are trapped in and turn that bloodshot critical eye of yours toward a mirror. Oh, I went back and deleted any and all comments that I thought might have been yours. Sorry but this is my sandbox and I decide what shit stays in it and what gets flung out. Have a great day.

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