I put my Speedway guys on notice

This morning as I was grabbing the normal cup of caffeinated chemicals when I picked something up on the pre-fill ice inspection. This is unacceptable. One of the main reasons for patronizing an above fountain ice maker and dispenser is sanitation. Rather than trusting humans to keep “the bucket” ice only and resist the temptation to clean the bathrooms or whatever foul deed might need a bucket when no other is available I like the ice to fall fresh after creation.

The only flaw in the above delivery system is that you have to clean your chute on a regular basis. In fact regular chute cleaning is a universal constant in almost every situation. The piece of plastic I am talking about is only about three inches high and four in circumference. It needs to be removed, scrubbed, and sanitized on a weekly basis just because. Upon closer inspection my home base machine had some type of stuff that had collected and was accompanying the ice in to my cup.

I marched it up to the register and showed one of the new guys what was wrong. He looked at me like I was crazy and while that might not be far from the truth I am the guy that will call the health department to ensure he is happily supplied with clean Diet Coke every morning. My manager was not in this morning and tomorrow will tell if my message was delivered. The boss knows what a mental patient I am about the pop as I have made him get the calibration tools out. (Known to those of us in the industry as the Brix Kit)

The day I called him on the taste being off he measured it in front of me and he tried to push me off by telling me that it was fine at five to one. (That’s five parts soda water to one part syrup again for you non-mental patients) I had him double check his specs and sure enough DIET Coke is supposed to be at five and a half to one. He fixed it and I was on my crazy way.

I have in fact looked in to buying my own traveling kit but the different machine manufacturers would require me to carry too many adapters and I also worry that once I took the valve off I would end up needing a sanitization kit as well. Maybe when and if I ever retire I could in to a traveling pop crusader but for now I will just battle local problems when they present themselves.

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