I am a big pile of happy

Even though I find myself sitting in the midst of a multi-age group of kids giddy with the beginning of their Christmas break. The eldest is out with friends so I have the next two levels over here as Liza is at the Barry Manilow concert. I guess a good chunk of my happy and even the ability to blot out all of this noise is because I am NOT at the Barry Manilow concert. Luckily she has friends that can tolerate that muzak and the overdone plastic surgery that is fooling no one but a true Fanilow. (Liza hates that by the way and I use it sparingly) We all have our things and I have more than most so I can survive her taste in music.

Christmas officially kicks off for us this Sunday as Liza’s extended family will be coming over for the second annual holiday gathering. We used to see them every Christmas Eve but that didn’t really work out and we missed a couple years in a row. This is the only time that her family gathers so we stepped up as hosts. My wife is again happy and that just makes things easier for me. Plus I like her family and we don’t see them enough that the small talk runs out. It’s a perfect party and I am looking forward to said same.

Tomorrow will be filled with the normal shopping and house preparation but I am wearing away at my wife and she is getting less and less tense about company as the years pass. I was going to post my bag contents this weekend because I have already shifted back to the bigger one due to the sheer amount of shite I carry around with me. If I get some time next week I’ll knock that out. I need to go act like the supervisory parent that I am supposed to be right now.

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