One Down, the rest to go

The Sunday Christmas party has ended and a good time was has by most. Way too much food and just the right amount of beer has made me unnaturally sleepy about now but I am procrastinating some notes I need to get ready for a 7:00am meeting tomorrow. As the new guy at work I am helping out as all of the managers with any tenure are out on vacation this week. I just checked my calendar and the first three days are going to be a test but nothing I can’t handle and certainly nothing to whine about.

Liza cranked up the crazy yesterday to near toxic levels but it was an impressive display of bad mood none the less. We all survived but no one came through unscarred. At one point I was in trouble for buying her too many Christmas presents. Oh well, tis the season. But the new glass half full Tom reminded her how nice it was that this much of her family was close enough to gather and that earned me a look that seemed to say something about gutting me like a fish. So I just shut my stupid half full mouth and stayed out of the way.

I thought the tsunami would have picked up speed because she and Katie got up at five to get ready for an all day volleyball tournament but the sirens and black flags on the beach were a false alarm. After Kate was on her way Liza went back to sleep and all was right with the world when she woke up. I think she was still on a Barry Manilow high from seeing him in concert Friday night. I’m not quite sure what happened yesterday but I was not going to look a gift good mood in the mouth or anywhere else for that matter. I’d better get this work done before I convince myself that I could just get up at five thirty and do it before I go in.

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