One down and two to go

Tomorrow is the real ball breaker and Wednesday should not be anything but long so the torture test of a Holiday week is one third over. I am getting all amped up over Christmas this year and that is helping with all other situations. I have awesome gifts for the kids because money has forced us to change from a carpet bombing approach to more of a laser guided gift giving strategy. There will still probably be too much under the tree again this year but it will be severely paired down from years past.

My new attitude is also paying off in the gift purchasing segment of my existence as well. Today I traveled to a store thirty miles from the house to pick something up that I had ordered and paid for over the phone. When I arrived to claim my prize they were out of the special deal even though I had an emailed receipt for the transaction. My normal modus operandi would be to call down a verbal napalm attack until I either got my way or some folks were actively rethinking their career choices. Instead I calmly asked what WE could do to remedy the situation. After a half hour of searching only to find out that everyone was out and this was a “while supplies last” offer my paid receipt and good attitude got me an upgrade at the same price. Good by me.

I did catch myself laptop shopping but I will be patient and wait until I see what my birthday brings as well as wait for a minor personal holiday economic recovery. I will just be happy when I no longer have to wait in line to use a computer when I get home. Tonight everyone was occupied and my day sucked so i took a little post work nap. Now the entire house is out somewhere I have both computers all to my self and nothing really to do but this nonsense. Maybe I’ll screw the design up since I haven’t done that in a while.

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