A Christmas Thorn

This year was a great Christmas all in. Yesterday worked out great in spite of the weather trying to throw a monkey in the wrench and today was awesome as well. Very casual day at Mom and Dad’s that ended with Avatar. I made out better than usual and the kids even replaced the iPod Nano that I lost earlier this year. I might have influenced their decision a little bit toward that gift because losing my beloved Sprout (it was small and green so don’t make me sing the Green Giant song) almost drove me insane. I tore everything in the house apart as well as the cars and anywhere else I could think to look. Sadly, it was gone.


I tried but not very hard to show you the inscription on the new one. It reads “In loving memory of Sprout” There isn’t much better than laughing aloud at one of your gifts. There is a push for me to name this one but I am of a mind to take my time. It is something called Project Red which apparently helps the people of Africa fight Bono and Oprah by attempting to infect them with the AIDS or something like that.


I also received this spiffy new watch that I might have hinted toward as well because I have not worn one for the last five years or so and recently find myself in need. I had been using my phone as a time piece but the plethora of meetings that this new job requires had me wanting a watch. Looking at a phone to check the time during a corporate gathering gets read in a lot of different ways and most of those are bad. I can glance at my watch however while I absently attend to an imperceptible and some might call it fictional case of psoriasis.

The only real trouble this year has come from a gift for the Mrs. She wanted and received a netbook but for the life of me I can’t get it to hook up to our wireless network. I have probably burned six hours already trying to research and fix the problem on my own and will give it another few tomorrow before I call it shite and return it for another model. I will be in no rush however because the stores are going to be my worst nightmare and the weather is threatening an area wide skating rink. Crap, the cats are again attempting to topple the tree. gots to go.

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