I finally defeated the problem with the netbook and Liza is up and running with her tiny computer. My geek muscles have atrophied over the years as I have moved more toward the JUST WORK WITHOUT ME HAVING TO SCREW WITH IT side of technology. I no longer have the patience or time to figure out the minutia that makes things work. I just want it to do what it says its going to do right out of the box. I am officially giving my propeller hat to Goodwill.

In other technology news I am getting closer to my own computer which means that the kids will be free finally choke this one to death with their crappy websites that slow things to a crawl. The stuff that the children’s sites plop on to a computer are far worse than anything that the people who deliver porn could ever conceive. I have reformatted this particular machine twice over the last two years just to get things running again. It’s pathetic.

And while I’m boring you with talk of technology I have been trying to break my work laptop for two weeks now with no luck. The thing is built like a Sherman Tank. Just before Christmas I punched it in its soft underbelly to try and dislodge something important. Nothing. I sabotaged the fan and it runs hot like Hades but it just wont stop. I thought I had it today while I was working on a big presentation because I couldn’t comfortably rest my thumbs on the touchpad it was so hot. Last week I had taped over every possible opening as if I were winterizing it and don’t think I haven’t considered that spray foam.

The problem with that is I cant blame the age or any other wear and tear if I leave trace evidence. This thing is the Jason Voorhees of the computing world. And less you think that I am doing something unethical my boss told me that I needed a new computer and he mumbled “break it.” I raised my eyebrows and he nodded. I got the hint that the death needed to look like an accident but it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

I’m open to ideas if you’ve got any but before you mention it I don’t know anyone with a powerful magnet. I need to go and swear at my Bears. They are probably going to do something to really piss me off like win which will mean that the debate will continue over keeping their shit management and piss poor coaching staff.

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