nothing better than dinner with friends

It was a great night after a ridiculous day. George, Megan, and the girls came over for some chili and we even gave out a guest bowl to Doc Will as he was making a house call to check on his patient. Katie had all four of her wisdom teeth extracted earlier today by the man and he stopped by to see how she was feeling. After a day of disappointing coworkers the chaos of a house full of activity was a welcome escape. Now I just have to finish tomorrows marathon as I close a month, a quarter, and a year, a day early because I’m not working on my birthday.

I hatched a plan for my new computer today. Since all of my gift cards are Best Buy I have been doing some shopping online. There is a machine that has caught my eye but it is not on sale. Another one that I like is currently deeply discounted this week. So my plan is to pick up the time travelers version of the Sunday Tribune on Saturday, Look at my options and make a decision from there. I don’t think that I will get everything I want but to be honest my own machine that no one else touches will be fine by me.

I am getting worked up into a frothy crank thinking about my workday tomorrow so I am going to sign off and try to get some sleep.

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