Compulsive Organizing

First the god news for no one but me but as this is mostly about yours truly it seems write worthy. I got my new computer and it is enormous. The unanimous first reaction around my house was “Why is it so big?” Choking back multiple That’s what she saids was not easy but it did my heart good to see that my trend bucking has drawn such a strong reaction. In a world of smaller is better and how much crap can I cram into the palm of my hand I found a computer that doesn’t give a shite. I give you Big Boy…


This picture is horrible because the angle makes it look small but trust me it is stupid big for a laptop. Over eighteen inches of diagonally measured computer penis extending display and an assload of other features that will only expose my inner dork were I to list them out. It was the best I could afford and I am happy as a computing clam. It’s cheap because it is too big for the average human to carry around comfortably and it has a whopping maximum battery life of two hours.

The other important thing is that it has enough hard drive space for me to move all of my stuff that has been scattered across three machines into this one. I have collected a ton of stuff over the years and as it finally sits in one location (thanks for the loan of the drive George) I have some house cleaning to do. Some serious house cleaning especially in the old music collection. I have so much its ridiculous. That’s why the Christmas iPod is patiently waiting to be filled next to the beast because I have to do some light straightening before I load iTunes.

I spent an hour last night going through pictures before I gave up and today I am going to tackle the documents. The pisser with that is I need to find a cheap copy of Microsoft Office because the new version of Open Office makes it an ass pain to quickly go through files. Time to reach out to my industry friends and see if anyone can hook a broke ass brother up. Ironic that I cry poor with two brand spanking new electronic devices pictured above or just sad?

I need to get back sorting the needles in this haystack. I’ll post more later when I need another break.

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