I am working on the changes for the next decade and I have bought myself some time with the whole two, ten, twenty ten thing but I seem to remember teasing the process in earlier posts. It would probably be easy to just go to and read what’s been posted but I really don’t like going to my own site. I end up not liking the way something looks or I want to try something different and the next thing I know two hours of my life have evaporated.

So I will list the resolutions that aren’t really resolutions but more of a general behavior shift. They are generic right now but will have more detail as the deadline approaches. Here they are in no particular order and the wording kind of blows because I have been scribbling them down for a couple of weeks now:

Be less of a bitch. This is in no way intended to offend my female readers I mean it in the most petty and offensive way toward myself. I am going to make a real effort to only talk shit to someone’s face and to call bullshit when I’m around it, especially in big groups. This one also means calling people as I see them and being willing to take that same treatment.

Take more of my own advice. I tell my kids to pretend that they are reading about themselves or watching themselves on TV and think what their choices and behavior would look like from that perspective. I need to do a little more of that myself. See me through the eyes of others.

Get healthy. The first two will help with my mental health and this one is about the superstructure I drive around the planet. This isn’t going to be extreme but small changes that hopefully add up to future permanent behavior modification.

Organize. This is a broad stroke but I need to figure out how to get this done in a lot of aspects of my life. At work I get shit done. That’s why they pay me and it is my top priority.  While I’m at work I am constantly trying to improve the way things get done but I don’t carry that attitude into my personal life. I tell myself its because I’m too tired after working all day but that’s an excuse. I need to stop bitching about things and start fixing them.

That’s it for now but it is more than enough. You will probably read about most of it as it happens but no promises.

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