It turns out my gluttony is not reserved exclusively by consumption. If I put my mind to it I can be a greedy pig about almost anything. Case in point: my ridiculous music collection. And I mean ridiculous as in ludicrous, insane, stupid, not the good way that the kids use these days. Once I dug it all up from the other computers around the house and various backup sources it was over eighty gigabytes and somewhere near twenty thousand songs. That’s just dumb.

And this gluttony is not recent in fact I have slowed way down over the last five years or so. There was a time when I ripped every CD I owned on to a computer and when that wasn’t enough I started checking them out of the library. The amount of time I burned creating this pile of nonsense (the music not the pile you are currently reading) is sickening. Just when I was getting tired of that along came my friends from Russia and their music service where I was paying pennies per song. It was a great time until the pesky record companies got them shut down.

I got scared when I figured out that the Russian Mob probably had my credit card information but I was such a good customer that they didn’t wipe me out. Or they tried and figured that I was doing a fine job of making my own mess so they left me alone. Either way I was left with some weird cheap music that I would never have bought in a store.

SO the last two days have been dedicated to clean-up. Once the doubles were deleted and the “What in the Hell is that?”s were taken out I am down to a manageable seven thousand give or take. I have also become acutely aware that my musical tastes are all over the road. The shuffle option on my iPod  should come with a mental whiplash warning. I need to get back to this mess and see if I can’t trim things down a bit more.

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