kissin ass and takin names

You know when you were little and one of your siblings was in trouble, bad trouble, trouble that you wanted no part of? The natural reaction is to do something good just in case the evil angry eye gets turned on you. there might not be any praise for your good behavior but your not going to get your ass kicked either. That’s where I find myself at work right now.

Three of my peers are in so much trouble that they fear for their jobs and I have spent the last two days working my ass off. So late this afternoon one of the troubled souls called me a suck-up just for doing my job and staying out of the way. Rather than get pissed and light him up which I think is what he was looking for I asked him if I could have his chair once he gets fired.

It is a really nice chair and he got it because he has been around long enough to steal it from some other poor slob who is no longer with the company. Oh well, I almost feel bad except that will be a sweet ride once he goes away. If he’s not careful with his fight picking I might try and steer the evil eye his way. I wouldn’t do that but I’m not going to shed any tears in my new chair if the worst happens.

Lack of post warning: I am headed downtown tomorrow night immediately following work to watch the Cyclones take on the White Devils of Duke. I will be hanging out with guys I haven’t seen in twenty years so the catch-up alone should be worth the trip.

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