my period

I think it must be my time of the month because I am one crabby sore asshole this week. Last night was fun but I still came home and had an edge on thinking about work today. I am supposed to be watching the football game with friends right now but I just finished cleaning the snow and human interaction, especially that which would require me to be civil is out of the question right now.

I think I already mentioned that I am in a weird almost ass kissing pattern at work and it is going against my grain. There is a new douche at work who is one of my peers but on another side of the business. He is one of those people that get too familiar too fast among his many other annoyances. This afternoon I was forced to interact with him after spending just shy of five hours in traffic.

He sauntered into my office and sat staring while I was on the phone. (strike one) When I got off he presumed to know what I was talking about and proceeded to give me feedback on my end of the call. (strike two) Then he feels comfortable enough around me to rip ass loudly sitting in one of my chairs right across my desk.

I stared at him and he began to uncomfortably babble about me lightening up and some other nonsense about me having more fun. “Get out.” he tried a lame apology followed by something more about me not having any fun so that negated the sorry. “Get OUT.” I think at this point he still kind of thought I was kidding so I told him again and went back to work.

Just then another of our peers came in to the office and asked what was going on. Mr. Comfortable told an animated tale about farting and me acting like he murdered someone and I said nothing. He kept pouring it on as he mistook my lack of response for weakness. I stopped paying attention until I registered him saying something like “See, he cant even respond…”

“I’m sorry I was just thinking about getting up, knocking you out, and taking a shit in your mouth.” The key to saying something like that is meaning it and at that point I wanted nothing more. They both left my office and the other guy who I consider a friend came back in twenty minutes later to tell me I really freaked the new guy out.

good. but that was an inappropriate response. Something is off with me today and I need to separate myself from others for a little while.

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