updating cause I’m up

It is five thirty in the morning on a Saturday and I am awake because my eldest daughter has a volleyball tournament two hours from our house. I received the greatest gift which is the gift of not driving so I gladly woke up to send her off. This trip is way out of her driving comfort zone and her car has begun to exhibit some interesting new cold weather behavior but luckily one of her teammates parents really wanted to watch the tournament.

Or they figured they had better get out and see at least one and a poor weather Saturday in January is as good as any. That was my philosophy until I was trumped but I can’t say that I’m upset. I will get out and see her play but I will pick a tournament that doesn’t require a twelve plus hour commitment. And lest you think I am shirking on my parental duties, she does like it when someone goes to watch her games in that twelve hours we would have probably interacted for fifteen total minutes. I am including drive time where her headphones would be in and my child will be asleep both ways. All in all, no loss.

I now have a Saturday to get things done. ssshhhhh, I just made myself laugh out loud. I will end up spending the entire day completing a series of miniscule but necessary tasks and by the end of it I will feel like I got nothing done. I started to write out a list and stopped myself after remembering the whole lack of cash situation that Christmas placed us in. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it might take until February to correct and bring me back to a comfort level. Enough whining, I think I’ll work on my music landfill.

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