here I sit

Warning: There is no longer any question about me having my own version of my period as I am steeping in a pool of foul mood so don’t read this if you are looking for content from the Happy Go Lucky. I’m not sure who these Happy Go Lucky people are but I do know that one who knocked on my door right now would have a tough time maintaining that status. I sit here waiting for my eldest child to get home so we can go rescue her dead car.

This is just one more in and endless series of recent nut kicks and I can’t seem to get my cup situated. Now I’m trolling the internet looking for a cheap replacement vehicle that will do nothing more than start and run reliably for the next two years. Her current car was a generous gift from her Aunt and Uncle that she did some babysitting over the summer to earn. It has lasted five months longer than I initially predicted but I have a feeling that this trip to the shop will be the one where we decide to put it down.

Or, see if there is a bubblegum and paperclip cheap repair that would allow a trade in of some sort but I’m not counting on that. The timing is awesome. I need to bundle up and get this done. I should be able to post something a little better tomorrow as I will be Liza’s nurse all day. She is going in for some corrective plumbing work and I am taking a day off to stay with her. While she sleeps I will be going nuts. I don’t “day off” well.

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