Waiting room

Sitting here in the day surgery center waiting room watching the Beverly Hillbilly’s and thumb typing out of boredom I find myself listening in on every close conversation. The one next to me was awesome because this guy was pretending to be at his office when the hospital new baby alert went off. I guess they crank the lullaby tune every time a baby is born.

“Oh that, I’m not sure what that is. Let me shut my door…” awesome. If I could do sound affects like that dude from the Police Academy movies I would have helped a brother out with a door shut noise. Instead, my buzzer went off and Liza’s doctor came over to talk to me. I cranked up my personal volume to mess with my neighbor. It’s the little things.

Here I sit with a before and after picture of Liza’s interior parts wondering what I’m supposed to do with it. Every day- something new.

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