It’s all good

Liza is fine and thanks to all who inquired. She had some kind of female type procedure that included the words burning and uterus. I have pictures but I think that would be some kind of marital HIPAA violation. I just know I have wallet sized before and after pictures of my wife’s uterus and you don’t.

And speaking of violations I need to school my mom on the whole never talk about stupidtom thing because Liza just came downstairs and asked me how she found out what was going on as if she just realized that I was told not to tell anyone. awkward. I just had to tune in to stupidtom and let her read what I wrote to avoid potential trouble. I felt a little like a school kid caught passing a note.

I’m sure I am on some kind of double not so secret probation right now, Oh well. The doctor has closed that flight pattern for at least two weeks so I guess that if I’m going to be in trouble now would be the time. Crap, you’re probably reading this aren’t you honey? Sorry. That last comment didn’t really help my case much did it? stopping now.

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