nothing says fun like a thirteen hour day

The guys driving this mule train of a company I now work for are just asking for one of the beasts of burden to reach around and grab the whip out of mid-air. Yes we need money just like every other corporation but now we are not just pushing hard at the end of every quarter, or even every month. Now it feels like every single week will be our last if we don’t hit the numbers. Constantly yelling FIRE is a terrible motivational technique.

As one of the lead mules, wait. I’ve had enough of the whole Mule Train thing and I forgot where I was headed anyway. I guess that I’m trying to say that constant stress is the wrong way to create a successful environment. It might be time for the big stupid to bring back some of his old motivational tools. Whiffle ball Fridays, Darts during sales meetings, My Music Mondays. I need to take control of my own people to shield them from the things that are pushing me away from liking this job. No more whining just time to act.

In other news there is no news on Katie’s car and in this case I don’t think that is necessarily good. I was hoping for something simple that could make it last another couple of months. Doesn’t look like that’s happening so this weekend will be time to start searching for plan B. As in Beater that starts and runs reliably. I have a couple of solid leads but until I figure out how I’m going to pay for it everything is in a holding pattern. There is a wedding I’m officiating this summer and that pesky college thing to worry about as well. I think its time to start playing the lottery. Might as well go down swinging.

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