Same Circus Different Clowns

I’m getting off of the job writing for a while because I had a deep conversation with a friend at work that I have become close with and while I was convincing him not to quit I realized that I was speaking the truth.I might have mentioned that the heat is being turned up at my particular employment Hell but I have decided to strip down and enjoy the heat. Some of my coworkers are cracking under the pressure. One of them that I am closest too has had all he can stands and was ready to give notice tomorrow.

I reminded him that its cheaper to get fired that quit but I also mentioned that unless he had somewhere else to go this might not be the best time to make a move. We talked for more than an hour and I kept lobbing clichés like Same Toilet, Different Assholes. After the fourth or fifth version it started to sink in that I was right. Unless you are leaving for your dream job the shine will wear off quicker than you can say “What the hell did I do?”

If you are in a job that you love then you already know how lucky you are. I wouldn’t know how to behave in that situation. In fact I would probably be in jail for attacking anyone that I perceived as a threat to the work that I loved doing. Did anyone else hear the harp music that usually signals an impossible dream just after I typed work that I loved? Sorry, time for me to stuff the Cuckoo back into the clock and go to bed. Got to get up and head in to fun early tomorrow.

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