I don’t really see my self as the moody type but when I have too much ME time I can get a little squirrely. While work continues to deliver its relentless series of body blows that is something that I have to endure in order for my family to survive. I say family as I have been daydreaming about becoming King of the Homeless but that is a thought trail for another time. Liza is recovering quite nicely but she is still moving slowly at night so I don’t want to burden her with any of my mental patientness. (not that I would but I think its the option that I miss) Once home I just want to relax or some might call it shutting down completely.

Katie’s car is apparently feeding power back into the earth which is both good and bad news. Bad because the mechanics don’t really know how the car is draining a brand new battery and they need more diagnostic time, say, another week… But good because if the planet needs to drain a little power to keep things running properly then I’m glad we could do our part.

I cannot however see the good in this mother fucking house that I didn’t want to buy in the first place deciding that a new roof siding and gutters would not prevent it from distributing water across the main living area. The stains that I thought were old are growing into what I can only hope will be a picture of the demon that haunts my popcorn ceiling so it might be identified and duly cast out.

I started a letter offering this cursed structure to the people of Haiti as a constant fresh water source but I think they will have a problem making the disappearance look like something my insurance would pay for. I still think it would be a good dwelling to relocate in the land of Voodoo. wait. Every time I even think that word it reminds me of my guy from The Unit who is also the All State pitch man Dennis Haysbert and his breakout character Pedro Cerrano who worshiped a little statue named Jobu.

Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum. Is very bad.

I hated Chelcie Ross’s character in that movie because he was a douche and also due to the way the actor spelled his name. If it weren’t for his work in the Steven Segal classic Above the Law the guy would be in my permanent doghouse. IMDb Link Guy needs to quit while he’s behind. I need a beer.

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