good questions

A couple of viewers asked about the weird desktop background on one of the pictures from yesterdays post and the hairy hole comment made me laugh. It is in fact a picture provided by the good people at Toshiba which shows the view up from the bottom of a golf hole with a ball stopping just at the lip. I got tired of the constantly switching wallpaper so I made it stop at that one. No real reason and it will probably change when I get around to it. Wait, I think I can just hit print screen and better show you.


So there’s that. And someone else wondered if the F-Bombs were a band. I have no idea but if they are not it would be a great name. I had some Cafepress money lying around and when I went to the site I found that sticker as well as the stupidtom logo still for sale.


My friend Steve made that for me copying early Google style and including an umlaut that I love so much. That used to be my banner but sadly it went away about five computers ago and I have no backup. For now it rests on my new keyboard making me smile every time I open the thing up.


If you can’t tell I’m procrastinating a little more right now because I resent having to work on a Sunday. I am having trouble maintaining the veil between work and home life. I am dancing along the razors edge of flipping the eff out. Nothing anyone can do unless you have some kind of power that will grant me a better job and or no money worries. If you do possess such powers I swear that I will tell no one and pretend that absolutely nothing has changed.

If you want a real laugh at the hands I’m being dealt lately tonight I will be teaching a seventh grade religion class all by my big boy self. These are kids that are beginning a multiyear journey to confirm that they really want to become members of our church. At the top of my game I probably should not be teaching this stuff alone and my current mood makes me borderline toxic.

I will pull it together and the class will go well but part of me cant help but thinking about just taking the class off of a bitter adult cliff. This particular ass pain is due to Liza attending the Symphony with her dad and his friends. Between the two I have drawn the better duty. I’d better get my work done so I can start reviewing the lesson plan for the evening.

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