no pics today

I need to take one more shot of the whole computer set up before I’m through but tonight is not that night. I had to order this ridiculous bag to fit the not-even-on-my-lap top. Picture an old school suitcase but thinner and made for an enormous allegedly portable computer. I need to take some action shots of me carrying it and then of some more normal sized humans toting it around. It will be worth the wait.

I will have a better week and those not on that program had better get out of my way. Work is just that. I am only going to worry about that which I can directly influence and the rest of the chips will fall as they may. I am fully lubed up for the awesome series of reamings that are headed my way and it at any point things get unbearable I will strap on a pair and get myself another gig. That’s enough about that.

I have to go there is a complete and total cell phone meltdown already in progress…

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