tomorrow heap big headache

I need to delay the telling of today’s tales due to an immense amount of personal shite going on all at once not to mention a previously unannounced dignitary visit at work tomorrow. It’s not that I don’t have time to write anything as I will not be getting much sleep but my brain has turned into a frothy grey mousse. I need a staycation if I might use one of the newest horrible made up words of the time but I want my own modified version. I’m thinking of calling it a hermitcation. WOW, that needs some work. I’ll write more on that later but I’ll be burning some time searching the internet for an extremely used Airstream Bambi. It’s just a little bigger than I am which works out perfectly. BTW (crap, did I really just type that?) Tomorrow might be jacked up as well so maybe come back next week…

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