as a clam

This day has ended and tomorrow is in site. Tomorrow evening is the monthly gathering of our neighborhood’s fictitious men’s group and I could use a beer right now. It has been a while since visiting out regular haunt because my friend has declared the place a dead zone after attempting to screw us on Black Wednesday. I dislike the joint and in particular its owner as well but until someone puts another bar within convenient walking distance I’m stuck.

I again must thank a reader who for some reason is anonymous for another spectacular suggestion. This office thingy is awesome and I would land it right out where the shed now sits.


This has to be one of those paradoxical things that you would buy if you won the lottery but then why not just buy a house with an extra room for an office? Still cool and here’s the link to the article I was sent. I still love my Airstream and I know I could buy one in rough shape cheap and turn it in to an awesome hideout. Look, I’m nine again…

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