you know that point?

The point where you say to yourself that it couldn’t get any worse… That is a classic jinx and exactly what I did to myself earlier in the week. If you have stopped reading after that first sentence there is nothing I can do but for those of you who are hanging in I am not going to bleat about my job just state some facts. The saying go big or stay home kind of applies to my fiscal month of January except instead of go my team and I substituted fail. Then or becomes and with stay turning into go.

I would be upset if I weren’t numb. That turns this month into make it or break it which is awesome. I predict shitty with a good chance of asshole. I am going to spend the weekend trying not to think about my current predicament. I am in the middle of one of those times where you feel like you are floating through someone else’s life. Or maybe that’s just me and I just let a little more cuckoo out of the clock. Either way I am a mental mess.

I’m not sure who exactly said the following quote and I don’t have the strength to Google but here it is anyway and its working to keep my addled mind on track for now: Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

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