weird post for a weird day

enemy identified

Not much I can do about it right now as his first move has me scrambling to keep my position. I love the tension of a job where every day could be your last. Is it too much to ask to want a gig where you concentrated on the work at hand every day not the bullshit politics? I don’t think so…

So apparently this guy has had a three hundred pound chip on his shoulder since my hiring as I don’t make much less than he does and he has a superior title to my own. I made the mistake of talking in a group around this asshole and the topic of titles came up. I stated that my business card could say Assistant Toilet Taster as long as you paid me enough to take care of my family. Upon further review that might have been strike two.

So to make myself feel better this weekend and to smooth out the rollercoaster mood swings I made up a scenario where I would cause him more pain than a broken glass hemorrhoid. My nemesis is an egomaniac and a show drinker. If I formally asked for his help he would travel here in an instant after announcing that he was on his way to save the day. He always wants to go out and I always decline but not this time. I would let him roll up enough drinks so that the evenings details would get fuzzy.

I would pick my spot and storm out like my ass was on fire. The next day I would blow a call in to HR and let them know that I didn’t know what to do but I was pretty sure that I was sexually harassed. The details of the story get funnier the more I tell it to myself and it always seems to calm me down. I can’t get past the face of the poor HR girl who would have to take my formal statement. At the very least I would have some much needed time to find a new gig and my biggest problem would be in a world of hurt. Alas I cannot lower myself to that level as much as I would love too.

I still operate on the old fashioned work hard and treat people as you want to be treated playing field where this guy doesn’t even qualify as a water boy. Oh well, a man can daydream…

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