super ginormous bag

I was picking up the triple extra large computer bag that Big Boy sleeps in and made myself laugh. Then I remembered that I owed you all some photographic evidence of its enormity. As a freakishly large human you might think that this bag would look normal sized next to me but that is not the case.(pun not on purpose but none the less appreciated) A little background on the picture in question I am wearing one of my favorite t-shirts, a gift from my brother and sissy that reads “Your opinion although interesting is irrelevant”.


While reviewing his handiwork the boy let me know that the next picture really made my nose look broken. Thanks little man. I like how your midget camera angle and composition makes me look like a Man-Mountain which I probably am but who wants to see a picture of themselves like that I ask you. Blank stare.


This is the catalog shot if you ignore the afore mentioned broken nose and the shirt that has been warn to the point that it always looks like I just cleaned the garage. Which I just did by the way thanks for asking, Here’s a link to the Dicota Multigiant in case you think I just converted an old suitcase.

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