I am an overload of multimedia

I just finished simultaneously reading and listening to the audio book of Stephen King’s Under the Dome and like most good books I want more story. But why read and listen to the book at the same time? Because I can’t read and drive that’s why. So why not just listen? Enough with the questions already! I think we have established that I am a bit eccentric but if you must know I just like the feel of a book in my hands.

Liza got one of those fancy readin machines from Amazon and I think I could get used to it but not until I can check out digital content from my local library. I can’t stand the thought of buying and keeping printed books. Maybe its due to the shoebox in which we live but right now we have them everywhere. During the great crawlspace cleanout of 2009 I donated two boxes full of paperbacks and I know more lurk down there in the shadows. We just don’t live in a house made for collecting much of anything and that’s just the way it is.

I have also started to dig through the massive music collection that I consolidated on to this computer. I have some staggering all over the road stuff but right now I am stuck on a full blown Ben Folds kick. It is what I’m using to get through my day and I now have everything he ever recorded. Maybe that is what I collect now…. music. Interesting discovery whilst writing away. And speaking of discovery I am now going to abuse my new found ability to imbed videos into this crap by introducing you to Hayseed Dixie. Enjoy

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