deal done

I left work a little early yesterday but I didn’t feel guilty because I’ve been doing a lot of night and weekend work in an effort to save my job. I grabbed my eldest daughter and we headed to Niles to buy a car from the Costco Auto Program. We were supposed to go down there, get a printout of the vehicle that we picked online that we were told they had in stock. They would look at the trade, a deal would be struck and we would write a check and drive off with the new car. That was not how things went down.

After the first hour of waiting the car was out in front of the dealership running and we had looked at it and said that it was indeed the one we wanted. I’m going to cut some things for the sake of time but after another hour we were six hundred dollars apart and they were offering us a whopping hundred dollars for our trade. We left when Katie could no longer take me getting shitty with the sales guys. I had two names at this dealership as well that could assure me the best price but both were unavailable and didn’t return my calls earlier in the week. Thanks for nothing Costco.

Just so you know this process has been going on for a month now so there is no sense of urgency on my end. Her other car has been in the shop for the last two weeks and was just recently released with a relatively clean bill of health. We established our price point, test-drove a bunch of things within those parameters, and decided on this car as the best fit. Both literally and figuratively. I dropped Katie off at home because she didn’t have any more in her but I was in a foul mood and ready for round two.

The dealership closest to the house is where we first drove a Cube and our sales guy was very nice but couldn’t help us with the color and trim level we wanted. (I know, but its her first new car and for all I know the last one for a long while so she should be happy and not have to settle) When I walked in he greeted me immediately and apologized for not getting back to me but the red ones in the base models were hard to find. OK at least he remembered our conversation from two weeks ago.

Long boring car shopping story short –ish after another two hours of fun we came to a deal on a brand new 2009 with way more options than we wanted but two thousand dollars cheaper than the supposed Costco program. This was all I was asking for the last few weeks. If we were going to buy an 09 it had better be loaded and a deal I could feel good about. Done and done.


It looks a little like Sid & Marty Krofft went out partying with Dr. Seuss and someone had the awesome idea to build a car.


It is so small on the outside but inside it seems huge. I called it the Tardis when I first sat in it but quickly reeled in my aged geek as both the sales dude and my daughter looked at me with tilted heads.


So now she has a car that she likes and I don’t have to worry about any more calls that she’s stranded with a dead battery. One less thing.

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