Changing tactics for the week to come

I am coming out of the gates a caffeine fuelled full on pain in the nuts to my enemies. No more pussy footing (I really hope that has something to do with the delicate way that cats walk rather than the horrifying slang female anatomy reference alternative) around the fact that I do in fact (fact fact no trade backs) have enemies at my current place of employ. I have spent about an hour and a half today crafting my first offensive shot of what should turn out to be a long and dirty battle.

It is a sad state of affairs when the people at a large company have to spend more time worrying about office politics than actually getting work done. I have tried to ignore as much of this crap as I could but now the attacks are direct and putting my employment in jeopardy. I need to make a change but now is not the best time. I have begun looking just in case the choice will not be my own to make but I need to do as much as possible on my own terms. There will be no more whining about work for a long while even though I am on the front end of the double the work for no more money extravaganza that I have been looking forward too for a while now.

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