Is that cat wearing a tutu?

Now there’s a sentence you don’t hear every day unless you work in some kind of feline circus environment and even then I think the tutu is old news in the animal costuming world. The wife needed a new phone so we were transferring her crap from one to the other at the store when the clerk asked that question about her background. I am not in control of what they do with the technology once I place it in their hands. Strike that last sentence as it only applies to my wife. Everyone else that I provide technology for lives under a strict and oppressive dictatorship. Violations equal destruction.

Anyway enough about that, I got my hands on some Quisp today. Or should I say hand as the box is a lot smaller than I remember. There is a store not too far from me that sells regional stuff from around the country that is not still on regular supermarket shelves. They specialize in crap from my particular youth and I think I was told that I went to High School with the owner. Anyway, the place is called America’s Market and if the have a website I will link to it. (ok I probably should have just linked the whole sentence but I got carried away for a second and it seems like the site could use as much help as possible)


I am going to try and hold out until the weekend but we shall see if that’s possible. That picture turned out like ass but I already put it in the post so let’s try again.

IMG_0502 IMG_0503

Not much better front and back shots. I resisted the temptation to buy Space Food Sticks because they seemed harder than normal (that’s what she said) but I did manage to buy some salad dressing that one of my college friends obsessed over and would get in care packages from his mom. I picked this stuff up just because it triggered a bunch of flashback memories.


The guy at the store looked at me funny when I blurted out NO WAY, DOT LYNCH! I must send my friend the picture in case he no longer gets regular shipments from Omaha.

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