This snow is kicking the shiznit out of me and as this is thinking about mortality week on the stupidtom dot com show I was thinking that it would be a cheesy way to go. Then I struck that thought as well. I love to blow snow *insert joke here* and I could do a lot worse than the last detail of a perfect clean…

Liza and the kids mentioned a news story today linking the consumption of daily soda pop to pancreatic cancer. Some quick web work revealed that the evil suspected ingredient is sugar which I emit from my addiction and replace it with chemical sweeteners that are obviously better for the human body. They broached the subject with all the subtlety of a charging rhino. * insert take away his credit cards thought here*

It looks like the two ten twenty ten thing is going to happen for me whether I like it or not. I will reveal the beginnings of my master plan tomorrow.

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