I thought I posted something pithy last night

But I go to answer a phone call from my brother this morning and it told me that it was a no go. The iPhone has been acting squirrely all week and its almost pissing me off to the point that I will begin to look at alternate solutions. My company has a little hand in that as well because I spent three hours yesterday reinstating my corporate email access as some IT genus was “cleaning up” the people who got email through their phones.

I provide my own phone and a way for the company to give me mobile email and calendar access with no cost to them and some genus geek decides to clean things up. As things are slowly sliding down hill at my current company I get the strange feeling that someone is trying to strap a jet pack to my back as to speed up my exit. Anyway enough whining. I will see if I can recover the post I mentioned earlier and plop it in at its proper time. I really need to finish up the father-in-law story as well but that sounds like a Sunday project.

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