Happy flipping Valentine’s Day

I was going to write more about the death tale today but that’s kind of depressing on the love holiday so I will delay yet another day. We did the whole V-Day thing early with a trip back out to our favorite indulgent theater. If there is a Gold Class near you and you don’t mind the kick in the wallet you should go. Fully reclined, a full sized movie screen with an incredible sound system and you push the button and a beer shows up. Or wine, food etc. I wish I could tell you that they sponsored stupidtom in some way but I am just a fan.

Too bad the movie blew a donkey. The writer of Wolfman owes me a couple hours of my life back. I don’t understand why they would spend that much money on a movie with such a weak assed story. And no new twist on a tired old tale. They don’t even explain why the main characters do what they do. Don’t waste your time watching this thing even on regular cable. Just click away.

By the way I am not always put of by a weak ending either if the story entertains me along the way. I have even stuck with a book just because I liked the concept and the characters as I just did with Under the Dome. The ending didn’t really get me but I had fun along the way and that is what matters to me.

When we got home we flipped the TV on while we got the house to bed and the Olympics were on as they have been from the start. I couldn’t stop laughing because Tom Hammond was so made up he looked like an old guy who was just beginning to explore the drag queen scene. I get that figure skating isn’t the most manly endeavor but I kept waiting for him to whip out a feather boa throw some confetti and go full Rip Taylor on Mark Scott Hamilton. I am Mr. Winter Olympics.

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