The rest of said same

I have had better nights. In fact I have had better nightmares but I am not complaining as there were two much worse possible people with the ability to find either their Dad or Grandpa dead in the entryway of his house. So we left off with the authorities leaving the house and assuring me that there should be no problem with the autopsy because it was apparent that he was gone before he hit the floor. Well that was a relief cause I never thought anything else so thanks for nailing down the fact that for some undetermined amount of time I was being scrutinized as possible scumbag.

Then we went about the business of securing and cleaning the house. The police were kind enough to let me know about a particular brand of villain that reads the obituaries looking for deceased elderly who were preceded in death by a spouse. Then they go by the place a couple of times over the next week or so to make sure no one lives there and when they think its safe they break in.

That’s not the worst of it because they are really looking for credit cards and social security numbers. Anything they can use to steal identities or possibly large paper assets. Great, its midnight and I am schlepping files out to my trunk while my friend scrubs blood and other fluids from the grout. We got home at one thirty and I had another couple of hours consoling to do. Good Times…

I am done with this tale and all things depressing for  while in fact I am really just tired of the whole thing.

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