Its Lent and I’m Bent

Work has my nips once again in a twist but I am trying to take the high road whilst I attempt to think my way out of my current predicament. Things are bad but I’m not bitching I just need to get out in front of the building tsunami. Enough about yet another in a series of my effed up jobs I return you now to your regularly scheduled program.

Ash Wednesday is upon me once again and I am faced with what to give up. The theme of this year at our parish is don’t give anything up just try to be a better person. I like that and I will try that as well but I am relatively new to this so I am giving something up and that something is swearing. It might not be apparent in this thing but I have the ability to swear like a sailor on speed with Tourettes. I have no idea if I can succeed at this quest but I do know that I will try. And hopefully without my normal bouquet of swear I will not ramp up to anxiety alert level Orange.

Or it could have the opposite effect and I could explode like an ill kept meth lab. Time will tell and so will I.

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