Sorry about the two day blackout

I have some things afoot that I can’t really write about But I can tell you that I have a doozy of a brother-in-law that has me on high alert. As I have been shoring up my defenses I stumbled upon a little weblog that he has been writing for a couple of years now and any spare minute I’ve had in the last few days has been spent sifting through that looking for potential ammunition. I would link to it but there is no need to alert him to the fact that I know it exists plus the little slivers of crazy are buried inside a ton of boring political commentary.

Our home phone number hasn’t been listed for sixteen years due to this a-hole and I want to keep things as separate as possible. The first direct threat against my family would land me in an enormous amount of trouble as I have adopted Israeli defense response protocols. Anyway, nothing for any of you to trouble yourselves with just letting you know what I’ve been up to and the possibility that I might have to release the Kraken. (Kraken being not so subtle code my inner mental patient)

I’m done on this subject for a while but if things go deep dark I might be trying to figure out how to post from prison. If my future kids and by that I mean my current children years from now are reading this your Mom and I purposely kept your Uncle and his various families a mystery to you guys. Feel free to call and ask me whatever you want. If I am no longer around I will have told the stories to enough trusted friends that you can figure out a source for the truth. I need to get back to it.

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