Sweet mutha

I am attempting to keep a good attitude lately and work jumped up and kicked me in the groin Crane style. Life is coming at me fast right now but I need to stop whining about my pathetic job and do something about it ASAP. I also picked up a wicked case of indigestion because I swallowed so much swearing today. I am beginning to worry about what Easter Sunday is going to be like once the muzzle of Lent is released. Effing Easter Bunny.

And if my day wasn’t fun enough George and I went to the College Financial Aid for Juniors meeting tonight. Nothing better than a room full of panicking parents all hoping the numbers on the screen were just pretend. Zoinks College is some crazy out of control shiznit. Screw healthcare I’ve seen that last twenty years and I want nothing to do with it give me some reasonably priced edumacatin.

I need to go not sleep now. Cant seem to shut the coconut off at night anymore no matter how late I stay up or how much I read. Its getting ridiculous.

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