yup slacker

I skipped yesterday with no more excuse than I am completely wrapped up in my current job search. Because I dislike my current field and the direction that this industry is taking as a whole I am in the weird position of looking for anything. Literally, anything. I think most of all I am looking for some kind of lifestyle upgrade. I have no fantasies about the perfect job or something I love so much that I would do that above all else but I am definitely looking for a change.

They don’t call it work because its fun or else they would just call it fun but I need me something that isn’t like hammering nails into my hand. So, having narrowed my search down to Everything Else, I am a little overwhelmed. In fact I keep getting sidetracked by lists of best companies to work for and best benefits blah blah blah. I am in the midst of calculating the absolute minimum salary that I need to stay above water and enjoy life a little bit. Who knew this would be such a pain in the nuts? Well, probably about eleven percent of the population right now according to the news but I’d say a good half of those did their figuring and it came up whatever unemployment is willing to pay me.

This jaded outlook is brought to you by the fact that I have spent the last three days working job fairs and more than half the people I talked to were just collecting cards so unemployment could see that they were looking for jobs. Awesome. I need to get back to the hunt because I am going to piss tomorrow away playing poker with my friends.

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