I’m back in one piece

The last three days have been a real slice of hairy rectal tissue and I might be upset if I wasn’t completely numb. It is what it is. I was told that this next couple of months were going to be a test and if the team didn’t perform under me changes would have to be made. So in review, I now travel two and a half days every week, my territory has doubled by a complete state and my team has doubled, I have the same deadlines and number commitments to hit but in two geographic areas, and all of that for a whopping zero percent pay increase. Sometimes its really good to be me.

But I am home and all is well until some time on Sunday when I will begin to wind myself up into a tightly coiled spring of anxiety. I am going to take some time over the weekend to update my resume and float out some more trial balloons. Some of you were very generous in your offers of assistance and I will be utilizing all channels in my quest for a better work life. I will also figure out a way to post from the road so I don’t go dark two days a week. I will not let this situation or this no friend having picked on since childhood getting his revenge every day as an adult get the best of me. I will find something else and move on.

That’s the last I’m going to say about this overall situation.

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