another little flick in the nuts

Is it irony or just a bummer? This morning the phone was ringing earlier than usual and it was my brother opening with “Did you read your email?” Nope, its 6:30am says me and he proceeds to inform me that Mom dropped an email bomb at 4:00am letting us know that Dad was in the hospital with pneumonia. The email was due to the time and the fact that she hadn’t slept and was going to try and get some of said same.

Without breaking any HIPAA laws dad is doing fine but will have to stay overnight in a hospital for the very first time in his life. An impressive streak broken. I just got back from seeing him and he was in relatively good spirits. If you can be in good spirits spending your first night ever in a hospital with a nasal cannula and from what I was told a sickly special midget in the next bed. We are not telling the kids until tomorrow night as it is too soon and all three are testing today and tomorrow. Life is like a box of chocolates but I keep biting into those nasty sugar snot surrounded cherries.

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