twisted nips

You know that state of mind where you just want to sleep until whatever is consuming you is over? Maybe that’s just my own particular brand of crazy but that is exactly the point I have reached at work. This week my boss is going to be traveling with me and I have decided to have “the talk” with him. No I will not be explaining sex to him but I will ask what kind of failure clock is ticking in my employment background. In other hopefully more clear words How Much Time Do I Have?

This will do nothing but confirm that my time is indeed running out and allow me to let him know that I know that he knows etc… I really will try to write this week from the road but I am going to do my darndest to use the writing as an escape from the torture. So I will be looking for other things that interest me and thumb typing them if I have to just to vent for a bit. Everyone have a great week and please don’t pray for me. I got a couple of emails stating that I was on peoples prayer lists. Stop that immediately and aim that toward someone who really needs help.

Plus you might be responsible for helping grant me the skull exploding power from the movie Scanners that I have been dreaming about and once they figure out who blew up all of those heads and finally lock me away in a government facility someone could come around to talk to you and who needs that kind of hassle.

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